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Doesn’t metal easily rust over time?
Don’t worry! Our KasselWood metal shingles are made of 29-gauge galvanized steel, which is known to inhibit rusting. Furthermore, our quality metal products are coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum during production to add even more resistance to rust and decay.

Will I save money on utilities?
Of course! A sturdy metal roofing system is an effective way to regulate the temperature of your building. Our shingles are coated with BASF technology with a reflective pigment that helps keep indoor temperature at ideal levels in an eco-friendly way.

Do steel roof materials last longer than other roofing products such as asphalt and wood?
Absolutely. While asphalt and wood roofing materials start deteriorating as soon as they are installed and are only expected to last between 12 to 17 years on average, our steel products are designed to last a lifetime and we are happy to offer up to 40-year lifetime warranties for both our residential metal roofing and commercial metal roofing as a part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Does a metal roof cost more than a traditional roof?
Yes, they do. However, you should note that upfront cost doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to long-term benefits, which is why metal roofing can still be the most economically sound option even with higher initial costs. Consider the extra cost as an investment you are making for the future of your home and business. Fewer maintenance needs and longer lifespan of metal roofs mean that you will be spending significantly less time and money on repairs and replacements for decades to come - they eventually end up paying for themselves!

Can I customize a metal roof to fit my home or business?
Of course, you can! Our beautiful selection of metal shingles is designed to not only keep your building protected all year round, but also provide a sleek, modern, and gorgeous look that perfectly fits your taste in design. Our Alberta metal roofing company offers a wide range of colour and texture options that are resistant to peels, scratches, and curls. Contact us at any time to discuss further details with a dedicated expert!

How much rain noise can we expect on a metal roof?
Our metal roofing products are textured in order to avoid much of the noise created by rain hitting the roof. Our steel roofing normally does not create any objectionable noise during rainstorms, although attic air space and ventilation might have an impact on sound absorption.

How does a steel roof handle hail and other extreme weather conditions?
Our metal shingles are heavily-textured in order to add sturdiness and prepare your roof to take on the toughest weather conditions. Our products carry the UL 2218 Class IV impact resistance rating, which is the highest rating available for commercial roofing products. If there are any damages to your metal roof after a severe storm, we can easily cap over the damaged parts with a new panel installed on top.

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